By Andrew Tallents

Self-Coaching for Leaders

Are you an ambitious leader wanting to fulfil your personal and professional dreams on your own terms?

Many leaders undergo executive coaching for periods of time; but learning how to self-coach every day is key to leading your own development and achieving your personal and professional potential without compromising your values and personal identity. Self-Coaching for Leaders will help you to identify where you are on the life-long journey of self-leadership and supports you as you work through the three-stage self-coaching cycle:

Reconnect with who you are to redefine your purpose in life

Refocus on the tasks and relationships that are critical to achieving your personal and professional goals

Regenerate the natural authentic leader within you by improving your mental fitness and learning how to lead your teams towards high performance

Best Selling Author

Andrew Tallents

Andrew Tallents has over twenty-five years’ experience in delivering a wide range of leadership consulting solutions to a variety of organisations around the world. He grew up on a council estate in Manchester, and after graduating from Salford University with a business degree, he joined the utility industry and spent his early career in business support functions. He then moved into the recruitment industry where he supported CEOs in growing their organisations and developing their own careers.

During this time, he was fortunate to work with global organisations and developed his multicultural awareness, enabling him to work with a wide variety of leadership styles. He established the Tallents Partnership in 2017 to support leaders who are ambitious for themselves and their organisations. He has worked with large corporate organisations and small not-for-profit organisations and has learned that in any organisation, a leader is only as successful as the relationships they create and develop.

Andrew is proud of his family and circle of friends and associates. When he is not supporting his clients, he enjoys working towards fulfilling his potential on the golf course. He also supports charities in the social mobility sector. Andrew lives in the Wirral in the UK with his wife, children and Ollie the Cavapoo.

The unique and simple approach to living your personal and professional dreams.

– Andrew Tallents


Public Speaking


Andrew Tallents has over 25 years’ experience in leadership consulting. He has supported leaders all over the world and understands the many challenges facing leaders who are trying to achieve triple bottom line profitability without sacrificing their own personal dreams.

Andrew is a regular speaker at international conferences and team away days. He uses humour and personal stories to bring to life the underlying principles behind his self-coaching cycle model and how they can be applied by leaders in all aspects of their lives. He has learned that clients need flexibility at their events and he works with event organisers to deliver the right blend of content presentation and audience participation.

Andrew is happy to present to leadership teams and full conference halls. He adapts his content to suit the audience on the day. He often combines content presentation with hands on group facilitation to bring his ideas to life.


Coaching Culture

Many organisations understand the benefits of creating a coaching culture for their colleagues. Coaching cultures are created when every member of the organisation learns how to coach themselves and then others around them. Andrew works with leaders to develop bespoke workshops and training programmes for all of their employees. Using the principles from the self-coaching cycle the programmes are designed to educate and create insight for every employee in attendance.

The programmes can be delivered online or face to face and combine theoretical and experiential content. Each principle is explored in turn with space for personal and group reflection to enable participants to employ their insights in their everyday lives. The workshops can be white labelled and presented in corporate branding and can run across a variety of mixed cohorts and experience levels. They are delivered by experienced trainers who have a deep understanding of executive coaching and self-coaching.

Management Workshop
The only person stopping you living your dreams each day is you.

– Andrew Tallents


Who Am I?

Discovery Assessment

Andrew is a licensed distributor of the CCR3 Discovery Assessment. Leaders who take the short assessment gain valuable insight into how they behave, what they value and how emotionally intelligent they are.

Andrew is trained to interpret the data from this report and works with leaders to help them become more self-aware of how they can reconnect to their true purpose in life and their authentic leadership style.

Leaders also receive a comprehensive written report that they can refer to as they embark on their self-coaching journey. The report can also be shared with other key stakeholders to help them understand personal development goals.

The CCR3 Discovery Assessment is the best entry point for leaders to rediscover who they really are. To find out more about how the CCR3 Discovery Assessment can help you on your personal self-coaching journey click on the link below to book an appointment with Andrew.

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